Historical Forrest Statue Is Threatened


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The city of Memphis placed a proposal before the city council to remove the Forrest Statue and exhume the bodies of General Forrest and his wife Mary.  This comes after the city illegally attempted to rename three historical parks; Confederate Park, Jefferson Davis Park and Bedford Forrest Park.  The status of the names of the three historic parks is currently in the Tennessee Court of Appeals. That battle is not over by any means!

The Citizens to Save our Parks needs your support.
We have been at the spear point of the fight to preserve these historical parks since 2000.
We weathered the attacks since then and we have held them off for the last two and a half years in the last attack.  We have worked with the city for many years and donated thousands to the preservation and beautification of the parks.  Now we are locked in a struggle over not only preserving the names of the parks, but the existence of the monuments to American soldiers and the remains of those buried in this historical park as well.  This is a struggle to preserve America!
We need all your help. This battle of Memphis is crucial to the success of preserving our American History.

Please write the City Council of Memphis and tell them why this historic equestrian statue is so important.

125 North Main St Room 514, Memphis,Tn


The cost to take on the government is very expensive.

Please donate to our legal fund, no donation is to small.

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You can also mail donations to:
Citizens To Save Our Parks
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