Forrest Park Celebration

The Citizens To Save Our Parks would like to thank all those who helped today in Forrest Park.  There was a huge crowd in attendance.  Some estimates were from 500-600+!  The Memphis Police Department was very visible, but their services were not required.  The citizens of Memphis, as usual, demonstrated tremendous class and integrity.  We were especially glad to hear so many people driving by honking and shouting their support.  Local historical groups donated a brand new United States Flag to the city.  Volunteers reverently lowered the worn and tattered Stars and Stripes and replaced it with the new flag.  They folded the old banner and will dispose of it according to proper flag etiquette.

Despite the heat, everyone had a wonderful time and enjoyed the fellowship, the music, the refreshments and the flag ceremonies. There were guests from Arkansas, Texas, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, Florida, Illinois, and all across this great land.

Now, on with the fight to save our beautiful parks!